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Counseling services at Shaul Counseling LLC is unique and goal oriented. Treatment is provided in an exceptionally warm, supportive, and compassionate environment and accounts for challenges associated with the child's entire sense of self. This includes environment, family life, mental health, and a special emphasis on children's identities as students at school. The counselors and staff at Shaul Counseling LLC believe that succeeding academically and socially at school and at home helps children develop self-esteem which can be transferred to other areas of life. Therefore, in addition to therapy we are also committed to assisting families in coordinating and monitoring additional outside services as needed.



Therapy can help you and your child work on a variety of goals. Our clinicians incorporate many different techniques into their work, but primarily draw from cognitive behavioral and solution focused perspectives.


We customize proven treatments to the unique needs of each child and family. Treatment is collaborative, typically short-term, and always goal oriented. One  key goal of therapy is to help every child develop resiliency- an internal ability to navigate emotions and confront challenges of daily life.

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Educational Services and Outside Resources

Academic Underachievement is exceedingly complex and can stem from a number of underlying reasons including previous negative experiences, low self-esteem, and boredom. For parents and students, school related issues can be extremely frustrating and a major source of distress within the family unit.

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Our goal is to equip parents with tools, empowerment, and support in order to effectively navigate any additional services their child may need to succeed. Examples of additional services include psycho-educational testing, psychiatry, speech and occupational therapies, group therapy, and academic tutoring. We will continually monitor your child's progress in order to facilitate communication, integrate services, and maximize gains

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